TV Advertisements November 7, 2016

What is the best way to get more than a million people to learn more about yourself or your company? The answer is easy: simply create a television ad and air it at the most opportune moment possible. Whether you are limiting your ads to local stations, or you want to go national with the advertisement, television is a great way to reach a mass audience in an easy and effective manner. It is why TV ads are still considered the gold standard for companies, no matter how much social media marketing and online advertisements have helped their bottom lines.

Companies are still beholden to television ads, and there is no reason why this mindset is going to change in the coming five to ten years. Television is still expected to be the best way for people to consume the media they love. Whether they are watching television shows on Hulu, watching TV through a service like Sling TV, or they are watching OTA channels with an antenna, consumers are still watching as much TV as ever. Statistics show over five hours a day of television for the average adult, and it is why we recommend programmatic ad buying for companies.

Buying ads on television in the most effective way can save you a lot of money, but it can also get you the maximum exposure. The right method of buying ads means you are choosing the best slots to take during a television cycle, and you are not going over the budget set by the company for the advertisement. TV is such a great viewing mechanism for consumers, and it is a wonderful advertisement vehicle for companies around the country. Make sure you are not ignoring the benefits of TV advertisement, especially if you have the funds to launch a TV ad campaign.

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